Give Back Feature: Britney Daniel

This week we are featuring Britney, a social entrepreneur and recently returned Business Development missionary! Read on to learn more about her work in Haiti, her give back jewelry company and how she would give freely!
 : Tell us a little about yourself.
: Hi, I’m Britney! I’m a jewelry artisan based in Minneapolis, MN fueled by iced caramel lattes, Jesus & giving back. I get irrationally excited about those rare moments when gymnastics is on ESPN & when there’s a new brewery to check out. My past two years were spent living in Haiti as a Business Development missionary. I had the honor of working alongside Haitian artisans at a social business that employed 18 men & women, most of whom are amputee victims from the 2010 earthquake. Upon moving back to the US, I’ve reopened my social enterprise jewelry business full-time as a way to give back to worldwide missions & fuel my passion to create beautiful artisan goods that give back. (
 : What does giving freely mean to you?

: To me, giving freely is a way of life. When you give freely, it becomes part of your DNA, it’s who you are. You find joy in giving, knowing that you are able to make an impact. You start to look for opportunities to give, whether it’s finances, time or a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru. The start of giving freely begins with the recognition that you have the power to be a difference-maker every day.
 : What would you do if you could give freely? ( If you had all the resources you needed to help someone/your community what would you do?)

: The current unemployment rate in Haiti is over 40%. That leaves many men & women unemployed and unable to care for the children, with many resorting to giving them up to orphanages. If I had unlimited resources & finances, I would start a jewelry business in Haiti to create jobs to fuel the Haitian economy while supporting families to help them provide for their children, rather than giving them up to orphanages.

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May 09, 2016 by Rachel Barroso
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