Give Back Feature: Shauna Santos-Dempsey

Today you’re in for a special treat as we feature the loving and talented Shauna Santos-Dempsey!  Many know her as the selfless and fun loving woman that she is, constantly spreading radiant positivity with each person she meets. Shauna has given us the opportunity to take a look into her version of freely giving with her start up volunteer program at the Ludlowe Center.  We hope that it not only makes you love her just as much as we do, but also gives you some inspiration for your own lives as well!  So read up and enjoy!! xo 

: Describe to us who Shauna really is… 

: In short, I am a college student looking to make a difference in the lives of others. I had the opportunity to spend my childhood outside and engaged in community activities. I have carried the values I learned in that environment with me as I have transitioned throughout various stages in life; of course, losing my way in middle school and high school—who doesn’t? A nature lover and a community advocate, I would have to say, describe who I am and who I strive to be each and every day.   

: Tell us about your volunteer program and what inspired you to do it… 

: The volunteer program that I started, and have now passed onto another coordinator, focuses on a specific population of aging individuals in a long term care facility—Ludlowe Center for Health and Rehabilitation. For a psychology course my freshmen year, I was assigned to complete 10 service-learning hours. Not having a car, I walked over to the nearest facility to apply for a volunteer position. Soon after starting, I realized that I was one of only a handful of regular volunteers at Ludlowe Center for Health and Rehabilitation. This fact inspired me to create a partnership between Sacred Heart University and Ludlowe Center. The SHU volunteers work with the recreation department to host daily programs geared toward actively socializing older adults.   

: What comes to mind when asked about “giving freely?” 

: To me “giving freely” is just another way of saying “altruism”. Doing good deeds for others just for the sake of making their lives better. Sometimes giving, or even having the desire to give, is difficult when we think of ourselves as having very little in relation to what others have. It is easy to forget that some people have far less than we do when we are struggling to pay the bills. The concept of this organization is an incredible loophole.  

: Why do you “give freely” and why should others do the same? 

: I give freely not only to honor the memory of my mother, who gave even when she had nothing, but out of respect for the amazing people with whom I have the privilege of sharing this earth. We are all human beings, regardless of the circumstances we are born into. We all deserve the same rights has humans, even though society—at times—denies us those rights. The only way to ensure the wellness and happiness of all people is to work with each other rather for ourselves. 

From all our beauties here at Freely Clothing, don’t forget to give freely!! xo
February 22, 2016 by Rachel Barroso
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