Give Back Feature: Meghan Donnelly

This week’s Give Back Feature is on the beautiful and driven Meghan Donnelly. Not only is she working towards her personal goals as she attends NYU and heads up her own blog, but also gives back her time to a cause held close to her heart. Meghan spreads positivity through her enthusiasm for lifestyle and nutrition by inspiring others to achieve their health goals. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with her as she divulged on some of her interests and ideas, and we hope that you too can get a feel for the girl that we so quickly fell in love with. Enjoy!

: Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Meghan?

: I am a graduate student pursuing my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at New York University, with hopes of becoming a Registered Dietitian. My biggest passion in life is food, and I am lucky enough to get to explore food through many different lenses. While my coursework is heavily focused on clinical nutrition, I also get to experience food production and food science as a Quality Assurance intern at Pepperidge Farm. In my spare time, I volunteer at the Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport, CT, which gives me the opportunity to cook, serve, and educate the guests on what healthy eating actually entails. Additionally, I have a blog that focuses on nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle, which I hope helps people understand the importance of overall well-being. Check it out at!


: What does freely giving mean to you?

: To me, giving freely means doing good for others without the expectation of receiving anything tangible in return. This involves meeting people of different situations and not being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to make a difference. It is important to always keep an open mind, especially when being involved with volunteer work, something that is accompanied by an experience like no other.


: What would you do if you could give freely?  If you had every resource you needed at this moment what would you do to help someone/your community?

: I am currently working on creating a nutritional education program at the Thomas Merton Center, and I hope to expand this idea to other places in the future as well. Access to healthy food is a big problem in the United States, especially in low-income communities, which has detrimental effects on the health of our people. In many cases, people do not have the knowledge about how nutrition contributes to overall health, which I would love to change through educational programs. Informing those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to gain insight on nutrition is something that needs to take priority.

Thanks for helping others, Meghan! If you have an awesome give back idea surrounding a cause you're passionate about, enter our Giving Chain Contest for the chance to get the funds to make it happen! xo

February 29, 2016 by Rachel Barroso
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