Give Back Feature: Casey

This week we are featuring Casey, a Suffolk University undergrad, who has made her mark in her community through volunteering. If you're looking to start creating change in your community, volunteering for local non-profits and programs is a great way to start! It makes you aware of the impact you can make with just your time and energy, and in turn makes you realize how far your resources can go when you use them to serve others! 

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a senior at Suffolk University, majoring in marketing. I try to be active within the school’s community by participating in school sponsored events and volunteering. As president of the Professional Marketing Association, I coordinate events, host meetings, and try to engage everyone who attends. I try to encourage people not to be afraid to try new things!

What does giving freely mean to you?  

I give freely by volunteering my time to provide assistance to other organizations. Every year, I have participated in Suffolk University's Alternative Spring Break program which works with communities to help with issues such as lack of housing, poverty, or other environmental concerns. Last year, we went to Virginia to help build houses to those in need - it was challenging but the projects we worked on turned out really good! I’ve also worked alongside One Brick, another volunteering opportunity that helps local nonprofits. It is really rewarding to me to see what a difference a few people can make!

What would you do if you could give freely? If you had every resource you needed at this moment what would you do to help someone/your community?

If I could give freely, I would want to encourage everyone to try volunteering with a nearby organization. Even just an hour of working alongside other volunteers really makes a difference. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to meet new people, make an impact, and have fun. People do not need to make long-term commitments to make a positive change!

If you have an idea on how you can make a difference in your community enter our Giving Chain Contest for a chance to fund your idea up to $1,000! 

April 10, 2017 by Rachael Juodis
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