Give Back Feature: Casey

This week we are featuring Casey - and don't worry if you're experiencing de javu, we featured another Casey in our last post! Casey is a dedicated childhood education student who is looking to make a big impact on the lives of the students she encounters. Read on to learn a little more about her and what she would do if she could #givefreely!


: Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am a senior at Mount Saint Mary College studying in the school’s childhood education program. Going to a small school really helped me to develop close relationships with other people in the program and the professors. I am gaining experience by student teaching, where I lead classroom activities and interacted with all of the students. It is so much fun to see how much the students change in the course of a few months!

: What does giving freely mean to you?

: I give freely by providing support to these kids. Early education is such an important time for childhood development. These kids are eager to learn and are seeking knowledge and experience from teachers and mentors. I want to teach second grade the most – it amazes me what these kids are capable of, even at such a young age.  For me, teaching children is not a job, but a passion. I want these kids to grow up thinking they can do anything they set their minds to!

: What would you do if you could give freely? If you had every resource you needed at this moment what would you do to help someone/your community?

: If I could give freely I would provide assistance to schools. Teachers are always grateful for supplies, support, and appreciation. Teaching is such an important job - I would love to motivate as many people as possible to see all of the benefits of teaching!

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May 01, 2017 by Rachael Juodis
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