Give Back Feature: One Brick Volunteer Graham

Today we are featuring Graham, who is an active participant in the Boston Chapter of One Brick. One Brick focuses on the importance on volunteering, which we love here at Freely Clothing! We think it is so important to give freely through both our time and financial resources. Read on to learn more about One Brick and Graham's experience volunteering through the nonprofit. 

: Tell us a little bit about One Brick.

One Brick is a nonprofit with a simple mission: An idea to connect people looking for flexible volunteering opportunities to give other nonprofits the help they need. It is hard for people with busy schedules to consistently commit to volunteering events. One Brick provides a platform to create a casual atmosphere that encourages people to connect and network with other nonprofits. Anyone has the opportunity to drop in and help with any of the scheduled events - no pressure to commit. One Brick was originally founded in San Francisco in 2001. There are currently 8 chapters. Boston has been a One Brick chapter since 2011. All chapters are entirely volunteer and locally run, allowing it to be low cost and diverse.

Graham, far left, working at Cradles to Crayons NonProfit, which provides essential items for families, in Boston

: What does giving freely mean to you? 

: One Brick has received lots of positive feedback from both the nonprofits we support and the volunteers who participate. When you go to an event that involves serving a meal or working with youth at a career festival, it really creates a personal connection with those you are helping. The direct experience One Brick provides allows people to really notice the impact they are contributing to. People donating, or giving their personal time freely, to make a difference and meet other people with the same goals is important for the community.

One Brick volunteers working at Harvest Food Pantry Charity in Massachusetts

: What would you do if you could give freely? If you had every resource you needed at this moment what would you do to help someone/your community?

: One Brick has an indirect goal to be the biggest we can. We want to provide the most hours of support, help as many nonprofits as we can, and create a large network with a common goal. Unfortunately, we are limited by staff and financial funds. If we had every resource we needed it would be great to put on our own One Brick sponsored events. As an organization we would love to start independent programs that can teach other people how to run and support nonprofits in their area. We really want to reach and connect as many people as possible to create a strong and diverse volunteering community.

One Brick volunteers working at the The Center for Families, which offers families with children education and support, in Cambridge, MA

Be inspired to find volunteer opportunities in your area and if you see a need that isn't being met in your community, enter our Giving Chain Contest for a chance to fund your cause!

February 17, 2017 by Rachael Juodis
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