Give Back Feature: Rachael Juodis

This week we are so happy to introduce you to our Spring Intern, Rachael Juodis! We are always so grateful to all of our interns who help the #givefreely movement and we can't wait to continue to work with Rachael! To learn a little bit more about Rachael, read on!

:  Tell us a little about yourself. 

:  Hello, my name is Rachael and I am a marketing major living in Boston, Massachusetts! Traveling is my true passion. Although I have to work in an office most of the week to save my travel funds – it is truly a priceless experience to see how another culture lives. One of the most incredible trips I took was the Salkanatay Trek to Machu Picchu. Our group worked as a team to keep pace and motivate each other to continue moving against the high altitude! Our local guide, Jorge, and cook Nico, not only provided guidance and delicious meals, but also gave us incredible insight into the daily life of the Peruvian people and history lessons on the Incas. Understanding another culture gives perspective in your own life that can be utilized to inspire new ideas; I hope to use my traveling experience to bring new and positive changes to Freely Clothing :-)


: What does giving freely mean to you?

: For me giving freely is inspiring positivity. Funding someone's vision is bringing together hope, aspiration, and passion to not only one person's dream, but  to everyone who was rooting for this idea to come to life!


What would you do if you could give freely?  If you had every resource that you needed at this moment what would you do to help someone/your community?

If I could give freely with no financial limits I would make funding education my goal. My mom started her college education aged 40. She took care of me, an 8 month old baby at the time, during the day, and after my Dad came home from work, she spent her evenings in night school earning her degree in nursing. My mom is an incredible person who pushed herself to earn her degree; she has now been a nurse working on the transplant floor for over 20 years, even earning the nurse of the year award! She always inspires me to work to my fullest potential. I want to set up a scholarship fund for women earning their degree, regardless of age; Everyone should be able to accomplish their educational dream!


What are your giving dreams? We'd love to hear all about them through our Giving Chain Contest! You could even win up to $1,000 towards fulfilling them!

February 10, 2017 by Rachael Juodis
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