Live Freely Necklace

$ 21.00

Brand Freely Clothing

A fun and unique necklace for all you free-spirits! This necklace looks great against a casual tee or adds some sparkle to an evening look. However you style it, wearing it is a reminder to live freely, which in our definition means creating adventures, building meaningful friendships, serving others and finding joy in all your circumstances...basically enjoying the heck out of life! 

10% of each item purchased from Freely Clothing contributes to making someone's giving dreams a reality!

**We upcycle! These necklaces are all re-worked from both vintage and modern jewelry pieces. Each necklace is unique and may include different colored vintage 1940s crystals, accent beads and different sized chains. They all include turquoise seed beads. Feel free to shoot us an email or write us a note at checkout if you'd like to customize your beads/chain and we'll see what we can do!